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Build Back Better

Consumers demand that companies care beyond revenue, and they no longer perceive businesses as profit-driven entities. Protecting the health and interest of society and the planet is the new expectation, following COVID-19, in order to Build Back Better.


The world can be a challenge, but what you wear to work should be easy. Now you can easily create custom corporate apparel with your logo. We can create custom company shirts from a selection of brands you know and love. We even offer in-house embroidery!

Craving Convenience

From always available to pre-planned experiences - consumers are craving convenience of the pre-pandemic world, longing for the ease taken for granted before daily habits were upended. 

Outdoor Oasis

Open air gives trapped consumers an escape.
Health threats, indoor meeting and mobility restrictions and the rise of remote working results in consumers turning to an Outdoor Oasis for leisure and recreation. Some are even considering moving from densely populated cities to rural areas.

Physical and Digital World

Physical and digital worlds collide. Digital tools allow consumers to stay connected while at home and re-enter the outside world safely as economies reopen. Phygital Reality is a hybrid of physical and virtual worlds where consumers can seamlessly live, work, shop and play both in person and online.

Playing with Time

Newfound Flexibility Switches Up Schedules. Consumers are now both able and forced to be more creative with their time in order to get everything done.

Safety Focused

Priorities Shift To Safety, Hygiene, and De-stressing. Safety Obsessed is the new wellness movement. The fear of infection and increased health awareness drive demand for hygiene products and pushes consumers towards contactless solutions to avoid exposure.

Shaken and Stirred

The global pandemic reconfigured daily lives, testing mental resilience, restricting experiences and provoking economic shocks. Consumers have a new understanding of themselves and their place in the world in pursuit of a more fulfilled, balanced and self-improved life.

Thoughtful Thrifters

Thinking With A Recessionary Mindset. Consumers are cautious and frugal. Discretionary spending is declining due to the uncertain economic environment. Thoughtful Thrifters are prioritizing value-added and health-conscious products and services.

The New Workplace

Workplaces in new spaces had a rippling effect on consumer life, from clothing choices to technology spend to eating habits and beyond. Consumers are searching for new ways to define the beginning and end of their workdays, as they struggle to manage their time.

Sustainable Solutions

We can provide you with recycled, organic, or reusable custom printed promotional products and eco-friendly logo branded products for your green marketing needs.

Branded Merchandise

Choose from a wide range of items with your logo or corporate identity. Ideal for leaving a memorable impression and creating brand ambassadors.

Gifts, Kitting + Fulfillment

Our team will facilitate the entire kitting process, including product design and selection, sourcing, production, and kitting the items together. From there, the items will be shipped out, either in bulk or as individual shipments.

Awards and Recognition

Businesses have been using employee appreciation awards to keep remote workers engaged, show support for essential workers, welcoming employees back to the office, and thanking staff for their additional efforts during these difficult times.